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Трбуются QA and Developers with network and system knowledge

Добавлено: Вт ноя 25, 2014 11:35 am
Всем привет,
В нашей компании (Bluecat Networks) идет большой набор в Engineering Department.
Требуются QA and C#,C++ and Java Developers.
Основная специфика - знание Network Protocols experience with Linux, Windows and DNS/DHCP knowledge.
There are several open positions posted on LinkedIn (just search for Bluecat), however there are also internal postings that are not posted.
Here are some requirements:
*) Strong Object Oriented programming skills. More than two years working experience on C# and C++; java experience would be a plus
*) Strong knowledge on TCP/IP network programming is must; Knowledge on DNS/DHCP would be a plus
*) Strong knowledge on Windows platform related technologies, including DotNet Framework, Win32 API, COM, RPC, Active-Directory, service management, system registry database, Event Log system, security architecture (e.g. permissions/privileges management, certificate/Keystore management)
*) Previous experience on Application Packaging/Distribution/Deployment (e.g. Windows Installer / InstallShield) would be a plus

Если что-то из перечисленного подходит, то присылайте резюме на 'aknab@bluecatnetworks.com'